Luggage brand goodwill rankings: Hermes is the most controversial

For many Chinese consumers, foreign brands have become part of everyday consumption. The Chinese are also increasingly confronting these imported goods with a more objective attitude, rather than blindly admiring them. In 2019, the World Wide Web and the Global Times Public Opinion Survey Center launched a survey on the popularity of foreign brands on the topic of foreign brands (investigation complete report).

According to the 2019 survey, the favorite foreign-owned leather goods and luggage brands of the respondents were Replica Cheap Hermes Bags and Louis Vuitton, and the respondents mentioned the rates were 30.2% and 28.0% respectively. Among the top five list of respondents’ favorite brands are Gucci, Chanel and Coach, with reference rates of 25.9%, 20.4% and 19.3% respectively.

Among the brands that respondents did not like most, Fake New Hermes Bags ranked first, with a mention rate of 34.2%, and Louis Vuitton ranked second with a 29.8% referral rate. The two brands also mentioned higher rates than other brands.

Judging from the rankings of the two major lists, the image of Hermès and Replica Discount Christian Dior Bags in the hearts of consumers is clearly controversial. The two brands are ranked in the top two in the favorite list and the least favorite list.

This bag has the pedigree of Hermes and Balenciaga.

Since J.W.Anderson launched the “PierceBag” and became the ItBag of the year last year, of course, big names such as Celine, Replica Chloe Handbags, etc. love the ring element for ten minutes.

The metal ring gives the impression of a sense of High Quality Fake Handbags, especially in the world of handbags. In fact, there are many roles in the design of metal ring handbags. But in the fashion circle, there is the handbag brand FutureGlory from San Francisco. As early as 2015, it launched a bag with a metal ring as a handle.

The ring metal handbag is her most iconic bag. The design of this handbag combines the body of the Hermes BatondeCraie with the metal handle of the Replica Balenciaga Handbags, with a sense of vintage and modernity.

The ROCKWELLMIDI package is a perfect inheritance of the advantages of two bags. The central ring handle is in sharp contrast to the bag body. The details are perfect, showing the charm of handmade.

In fact, there is also a medium-sized FutureGlory ring bag, which has more chains than the mini model and can be carried on one shoulder or hand.

The advanced yet affordable FutureGlory ring bag has both cool and basic grounding, and a bright color with advanced contrast!

Prada peeling off the color quality problems frequently, the genuine big name is constantly

我从意大利购买了Prada皱巴巴的漆皮贝壳包。我刚收到货昨天发现有肩带上剥离,一个有裂纹,并有包装袋上的铭牌挂件剥离。“Ricky的  假便宜普拉达手袋  在2010年11月在北京新光天地购买,我没想到从2011年2月开始,手提包的侧面就会开始打开; LilyQim于去年5月30日在德国法兰克福购买了Prada包,并在一个月后用皮革抛光。该剂擦拭皮包表面以除去灰尘。出乎意料的是,这款亮黄色羊皮袋在擦拭后已经被广泛褪色。

除了剥落和褪色之外,拉链也是反映普拉达质量问题的消费者最受打击的。据时尚杂志编辑称,她在意大利米兰的Prada主店买了一个手提箱。使用半个月后,出差途中的拉链被打破,无法使用。她只能四处寻找条带层。在我回到家之前捆绑了。照片中愤怒的编辑干涸了一个装满“绷带”的伤痕累累的盒子,收到了超过3,000人次的转发和评论。悉尼的一位消费者打破了去年圣诞节前我买Prada手提包的消息。当我仔细观察它时,我发现线头粗糙而不像高端大气。令他更加绝望的是,链条仍然在袋子的一侧泄漏 – 羊毛棉花,低沉的感觉微弱的冲动。网友说,这是在悉尼的旗舰店购买的,没有假货,但为什么质量如此令人痛心。


2013年,有一位博主发布了一篇轰动性的微博。“如果你买了 一年的  拉扯Prada袋子,拉链不破,线不丢失,质量好,你可以确认你买了假货。”


不要嘲笑这样一个上帝的答案,也许这是其中一个原因。后  副本巴宝莉手袋  是由绿色和平组织绿色和平组织有毒物质的批评,他们答应以紧密接触的相关行业企业,供应商,品牌和非政府组织消除危险化学品排放,并称这是一个长期的计划。部分。结束ChihAnLee,东亚地区的绿色和平项目排毒主任,欢迎巴宝莉在监护人的特殊物品的决定。与此同时,GUCCI,Versace和LouisVuitton等品牌在控制有害排放方面落后。

What is GucciSohoDisco?

Gucci’s newest collection, discobag, is discobag, produced by discobag designer marc discobag, designed by discobag designer marc discobag. Without him, this bag color please, design is also full of nostalgia, very easy to line, should be able to use for several quarters.

GucciSohoDiscoBag’s size is very small, size: 21*15*7 cm, but the relief interlocking double GLOGO amplified to with the whole package, zipper in tassel leather upholstery and shallow gold metal accessories, added brand fashion sense, adjustable shoulder straps 55 cm inclined back shoulders can, open the slide fastener is a natural linen-cotton inside lining is very simple sense, internal and cell phone pockets and slash pockets convenient items, this bag may be associated with the name of the carnival night, but in fact it is small, convenient, spring is a necessary item.

GUCCI early spring Disco package comes on stage at the beginning because it is cabinet size builds on greatly GG mark, lovely exterior matchs makaron lubricious cause numerous star and tide person chase after sb in both hands.

How do Gucci, Prada and LouisVuitton compete for the handbag market

Handbag products contribute nearly 75% of LouisVuitton’s revenue, while at Prada and Gucci (featured reading), the handbag strategy accounts for nearly 45% and 40% respectively. MarioOrtelli, a senior analyst at Bernstein, does the analysis shown below.

In the LouisVuitto, NicolasGhesquiè Re’s former designer, MarcJacobs, excels at creating buzz in his collections. But Mr Ortelli explains that under Jacobs, brand sales relied heavily on classic monochrome handbags with low prices and some high-priced products to maintain their brand identity. And since the first brand series was released in 2014, Ghesquiè Re is constantly injecting new vitality into the brand’s handbag line by introducing several higher-priced seasonal styles to transform itself into a new classic.

First released at Speedy’s fall/winter 2014 fashion week in Paris, the PetiteMalle bag was the most coveted bag of the season, which has since evolved into a LouisVuitton core bag, comparable in status to classic but relatively inexpensive items like Speedy. PetiteMalle was also introduced in January at KimJones’ final presentation for the label.

LouisVuitton has done a particularly good job of relaunching handbags after a few years with a season in the works, as they did recently in Manhattan, says Ortelli in a report. Capucine, which was relaunched in 2013 and sold out immediately in stores in London, milan and Paris, is now arguably one of Vuitton’s core bags.

In the past eight months LouisVuitton has also unveiled new models priced between 1,500 and 2,000 euros (11,690 yuan to 15,588 yuan), and has expanded the range of existing models by offering different colors and materials, or decals or embroidery. Looking ahead, Ortelli says we will also see Vuitton come out with new models, but the pace will be more normal than the acceleration in the second half of 2016 to the first half of 2017, which is about four new models per season.

Louis Vuitton will offer more seasonal or limited-edition handbag styles, the analyst said, and will also revisit the brand’s historical archives and relaunch seasonal handbags to develop into evergreen brands, such as PetiteMalle.

Since AlessandroMichele took over as creative director of the brand in 2015, Gucci has been trying to capitalize on the new momentum of the transformation by reintroducing traditional and new styles to boost handbag sales. Gucci has a large proportion of leather goods, readymade garments, shoes and other products in history, Ortelli said. Vuitton, by contrast, started out as a leather goods company, which this year launched ready-to-wear clothes and shoes.

Under Michele’s creative direction, Gucci is now a classic brand, he continued, such as Dionysus or Sylvie handbags, [Michele] expanded Gucci’s range of handbag products originally targeted at 1500 to 3000 euros, and introduced more expensive GucciTotem and other handbag products for customers who pursue elegant taste.

Indeed, with Gucci’s brand power and sales momentum still growing rapidly, the brand has launched two new product lines in different price ranges in the past eight months: priced at 1,500 to 2,000 euros and 2,500 to 3,500 euros respectively. In 2017, the brand will continue to promote Ophidia, Ottilia and other products based on the hugely successful Dionysus Dionysus bag. Gucci hopes to meet strong market demand by launching mid-priced products. That could give Gucci a big boost in 2018, Ortelli explains.

Prada has the most limited price range of the three brands mentioned in this article. In the past, handbags were more expensive than their peers. A mini PradaGalleria, for example, costs 1,100 euros, but LouisVuitton’s Speedy small Speedy costs 650 euros, and Gucci’s small single-shoulder bag costs around 690 euros.

Prada has further lowered the price range for its new handbags to 750 to 2,000 euros over the past eight months. Ortelli said that the expansion of low price can support the sales of Prada in the short term, and the sales volume will increase, but he also pointed out that Prada’s current bag product structure is not as strong as Vuitton and Gucci. Prada did not launch new handbags in the price range of 1,500 to 2,000 euros, but this range can actually try to copy the successful model of Galleria handbags. He thinks the other two brands have a wide range of prices.

Last September, Prada’s first-half 2017 profit missed analysts’ expectations, falling to its lowest level since its IPO in 2011 and triggering a wave of store closures in 2016. To get back on track, the milan-based fashion house has always relied on handbags. ‘we think Prada will continue to come up with innovative and unique designs over the next few years in an attempt to create new, permanent models in this important product category,’ Mr. Ortelli said.

He also suggested that the brand focus on lower-priced collections while introducing new products in the high-priced range of 1,400 to 3,500 euros, which would help Prada boost sales. Faced with the two biggest and most powerful brands in the handbag market, namely LouisVuitton and Gucci, Prada is now in a position to defend itself and strive for potential profits, which is a great challenge.

Gucci, Burberry, Dior… The big brand new bag of 2019 wants too much!

Saddlebag is still the main style of Dior19 in spring and summer, and it seems that this wave of Saddlebag craze will continue to be hot in the next year. A new paper-thin Saddlebag appeared on the show, which is thinner, smaller and more street style than the regular one.

In addition, this year, the square tote shopping bag of the same person also has the sister version of the tube type, and the ladies have new travel bags to carry. As well as the special canvas bag that can be slanted, it is very suitable for daily use with Dior haute couture and the iconic horizontal label.

In addition, there are also hand-painted patterns that look like military messenger bags crossbody bags, as well as the old flower plus the new backpack, all handsome and practical. Gucci two years ago the fire of itbag seems to be popular in the street, and 19 years you have a new style to buy.

This retro cross-body bag is quite special. The bag is decorated with a prominent tiger head and the logo of horseshoe title. The leather color matching is also quite medieval feel. The special tiger head decoration has appeared in Gucci’s previous seasons, which was inspired by HattieCarnegie’s antique jewelry design in the 20th century, and is highly recommended for girls who love retro style.

In addition, there was a particularly cute mickey head and hand carrying bag on the show. This is the cooperation series launched by Gucci and Disney, and it was also interesting to take out of the street. Still have the hand that prints strawberry design to carry a bag with same tong qu carries, the briefcase appearance that square restoring ancient ways matchs strawberry printing, also be to dash to give different visual impact force.

Fendi also tasted the sweetness of playing with brand presbyopia, but next year’s Fendi presbyopia can become more low-key. On the show, one model after another was carrying a bag with a double F of three-dimensional dark print, and the color was also like upsetting a palette. Also appeared in the shape of the large waist belt, such dark prints have touched your heart?

Burberry for handsome after the launch of the new logo around the world publicity, all the stars have for the new logo platform, the next season of Burberry naturally is to pay attention to the bag with the new logo. There were a few delicate but stylish newlogobags on the show, which featured the property of the waist bag and the slanted shoulder style. Is the first consideration of buying Burberry no longer the plaid pattern?

List of new GIVENCHYLC bags

The LC line, owned by French luxury brand givenchy, recently released a set of recent bag styles. In the newest bag that releases this time, did not find givenchy consistent and grandiose modelling apparently, present a kind of, high-end and capable and fashionable temperament however. There are occasional prints on Fake New Givenchy Bags, but the style is more restrained. The pieces will go on sale in December of this year. These bags are more neutral, regardless of men and women said. Men and women can talk about it.

Replica New Givenchy Handbag, the curve of the whole bag is relatively simple, so it is destined to be a natural fit. Black bag shows temperament quite, and the suit collocation that matchs with the man is more outstanding savour, say so this bag is a bag that is worth buying very much.

Givenchy fashion printing handbag, printing into this bag is full of the atmosphere of spring, the whole profile of the bag and the design of printing are more atmospheric. This bag can be called pure picture of clothes. The scene of flowers blooming, butterflies gathering honey and prosperity makes you feel more relaxed and happy.

300 euro Gucci bag is half expensive in China.

According to statistics from the Ministry of Commerce, the domestic market of luxury goods is 51% higher than that of the United States, which is 72% higher than that of France. In fact,Fake Cheap Gucci Handbags can be bought for hundreds of euros in Europe and CK shirts for 60 dollars in the United States. In order to save money, many people choose to buy luxury goods by international purchasing.

As many citizens know, compared with Hong Kong, China and the developed countries in the West, luxury goods in the Mainland are not only lagging behind in style, but also expensive in price, which has led to many fashionable people going to Hong Kong or abroad to buy luxury goods.

Many Replica luxury handbags counters, no one has a discount area, more staff recommend new products in the season. For the phenomenon of high luxury prices in China, the staff of several counters also made it clear: “The same product is indeed more expensive than Hong Kong, China and foreign countries. ”

The so-called luxury goods such as Replica Louis Vuitton Bags, Gucci and so on can be very common in Europe. Every big festival will promote sales, and many products will sell 50 percent off or 30 percent off. Take Gucci for example, there are a lot of bags in Europe about 300 euros (300 euros = 2769.363 RMB), while similar bags sell at home for about 5,000 yuan, which is about 50% more expensive than foreign ones. The pursuit of luxury goods has become a trend. In Europe, LV bags are often sold out. Some of the bags are discounted after the season.

In the US, CK, DKNY and so on are very common, and the right CK shirts can be bought in 60~100 dollars.

It is understood that the specific charging methods for international consignment are: the total cost of consignment = the United States price of the commodity + the United States domestic freight + the United States domestic consumption tax (up to 9% of the price of the commodity), the consignment service fee (commodity price * 10%) + the international freight + insurance fee, and the full payment will be settled after the arrival of the goods.

Apart from customs duties, there are still discounts. There are discounts in foreign countries, but there is almost no discount in China.

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