This bag has the pedigree of Hermes and Balenciaga.

Since J.W.Anderson launched the “PierceBag” and became the ItBag of the year last year, of course, big names such as Celine, Replica Chloe Handbags, etc. love the ring element for ten minutes.

The metal ring gives the impression of a sense of High Quality Fake Handbags, especially in the world of handbags. In fact, there are many roles in the design of metal ring handbags. But in the fashion circle, there is the handbag brand FutureGlory from San Francisco. As early as 2015, it launched a bag with a metal ring as a handle.

The ring metal handbag is her most iconic bag. The design of this handbag combines the body of the Hermes BatondeCraie with the metal handle of the Replica Balenciaga Handbags, with a sense of vintage and modernity.

The ROCKWELLMIDI package is a perfect inheritance of the advantages of two bags. The central ring handle is in sharp contrast to the bag body. The details are perfect, showing the charm of handmade.

In fact, there is also a medium-sized FutureGlory ring bag, which has more chains than the mini model and can be carried on one shoulder or hand.

The advanced yet affordable FutureGlory ring bag has both cool and basic grounding, and a bright color with advanced contrast!

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