Luggage brand goodwill rankings: Hermes is the most controversial

For many Chinese consumers, foreign brands have become part of everyday consumption. The Chinese are also increasingly confronting these imported goods with a more objective attitude, rather than blindly admiring them. In 2019, the World Wide Web and the Global Times Public Opinion Survey Center launched a survey on the popularity of foreign brands on the topic of foreign brands (investigation complete report).

According to the 2019 survey, the favorite foreign-owned leather goods and luggage brands of the respondents were Replica Cheap Hermes Bags and Louis Vuitton, and the respondents mentioned the rates were 30.2% and 28.0% respectively. Among the top five list of respondents’ favorite brands are Gucci, Chanel and Coach, with reference rates of 25.9%, 20.4% and 19.3% respectively.

Among the brands that respondents did not like most, Fake New Hermes Bags ranked first, with a mention rate of 34.2%, and Louis Vuitton ranked second with a 29.8% referral rate. The two brands also mentioned higher rates than other brands.

Judging from the rankings of the two major lists, the image of Hermès and Replica Discount Christian Dior Bags in the hearts of consumers is clearly controversial. The two brands are ranked in the top two in the favorite list and the least favorite list.

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